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About Me

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Meet Vanessa Meyer

My spiritual journey started about 30 years ago and changed my perception of self drastically. I learned to meditate and step out of the world that was limited to only sense perception. Raja Yoga meditation (connection through mind) has guided me through my life ever since.

My endless quest for the truth started with mediation, where I learnt about the mind, intellect and human tendencies. This was a mic-drop moment for me, as it transformed my sense of self-worth in an instant. To this day, I start and end my day in mediation. This enables me to best prepare for and reflect on each day.

After over two decades in the corporate landscape, working in international companies and with people from all over the world, it has become apparent to me that we all want for the same things and ultimately seek freedom. Learning from Marisa Peer, the pioneering force behind Rapid Transformational Therapy, I launched into the mighty world of the subconscious to recode narratives born out of past traumas, negativity and emotional scars.


As an RTT® Practitioner and a Dietless Life Coach, I empower individuals to transform their stories and redefine their lives. My belief is that there is in fact nothing actually wrong with us. We are all eternal, divine and blissful beings. The game of life is to overcome our current presenting challenges, by remembering who we truly are. My intention is to do my part by helping one soul at a time. Through transforming any kind of dis-ease to ultimately find freedom from it. Transcending beliefs, backgrounds and challenges, from professionals navigating through undesirable habits or stress, to individuals seeking clarity amidst life's crossroads. Those struggling with self-esteem or any variety of negative manifestations due to an accumulation within the subconscious mind, as I have come to understand. As awareness expands regarding the importance of seeking guidance, even for those who are highly accomplished, I am dedicated to dismantling self-imposed limitations and fostering a profound connection to self.


Outside of work, I’m a mother to a beautiful and vibrant daughter. I have lived in Switzerland for over 20 years. I grew up in Africa and have lived and studied in various countries around the world. I love the summers, swimming, yoga, reading, learning new things, making my own cosmetics and herbal remedies. Fun fact, I have not had a TV or listened to the news for 30 years and counting! And yes, I also used to smoke and had my own unpacking of limiting beliefs to transcend. So through self-discovery and transforming my mental patterns, I realized my true potential and my calling to give back by guiding others on a similar transformative journey to recode their stories and redefine their lives.


RTT® gets to the root cause quickly and works! It is effective for anyone who is committed to their freedom journey.

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we have been waiting for, we are the change that we seek.” Marisa Peer 

Embark on a journey of transformation and empowerment with me. Let's harness the power of your mind together, rewrite your narratives, and embrace a life filled with purpose and vitality. Much love Vanessa


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